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Fear (1996)

When Nicole met David; handsome, charming, affectionate, he was everything. It seemed perfect, but soon she sees that David has a darker side. And his adoration turns to obsession, their dream into a nightmare, and her love into fear.

IMDB: 6.213 Likes

  • Genre: Drama | Thriller
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 97
  • IMDB Rating: 6.2/10 
  • MPR: R
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The Synopsis for Fear (1996) 720p

Nicole walker is the average 16 year old girl; wants to have fun, and dreams of her Prince Charming. When her and her best friend Margot appear at a party, she meets older bad boy David. Everything seems to be going so well and Nicole and David become a couple. Nicole's family like David and she decides she loves him enough to give herself to him one night after a date. However, as soon as they became official, David has become a possessive and jealous boyfriend. He even beats up one of Nicole's close male friends when he is seen giving her a hug at the end of school. After this dark event Nicole never wants to see David again but he tries his hardest to make sure Nicole will take him back. Soon enough she forgives him and things seem to be going well again until a sick situation involving Nicole's best friend Margot turns to her and David breaking up again. This time David is not taking any chances with not being with Nicole so him and his friends go into her family home and attempt ...

The Director and Players for Fear (1996) 720p

[Director]James Foley
[Role:]Reese Witherspoon
[Role:]Mark Wahlberg
[Role:]William Petersen

The Reviews for Fear (1996) 720p

A typical James Foley picture. ** out of ****Reviewed byMovie-12Vote: 4/10

FEAR (1996) **

Starring: Reese Witherspoon, Mark Wahlberg, William L. Petersen, Amy Brenneman, Alyssa Milano Director: James Foley 97 minutes Rated R (for violence, sexuality, language and drug use)

By Blake French:

"Fear" is a desperate, horror-free thriller. It does manage to generate some heavy suspense in the twenty minute finale, but that does not make the film worth seeing. It wastes the talents of the lovely Reese Witherspoon, William L. Petersen, and I suppose Mark Wahlberg too. I hesitate to state that Wahlberg's talents put to waste because I am not sure that, beyond an attractive body, he has any. And James Foley--what in the world, he is something else. After watching "The Corrupter" earlier this year, and now this piece of trash, not to mention his past flops, "The Chamber," (1996) and "Two Bits," (1995), I begin to wonder about his career in the future.

"Fear" takes a spin on the old "girlfriend and boyfriend--boyfriend is not whom he seems" genre. The sub-title to this film is "Together forever...or else," but most of the movie doesn't live up to that clever plot point. The teenage girl in the picture, Nicole Walker, is well played by Reese Witherspoon, but if I was in charge I'd have to say that Alicia Silverstone was born for the role. Although I hold nothing against Witherspoon. In fact, I think she should get recognition for her performance this year in "Election." I just think Silverstone has the punky, street girl type attitude more than Witherspoon.

Anyway, the teenage girl in the picture, Nicole Walker, is like all other teens her age, about sixteen. She has a father, Steve, who doesn't want his little girl to grow up, a mother who takes her side, and friends, Billy and Margo Masse who may or may not betray her before the film is over. She has a hard time getting a date usually, but when going out with her friends one night, seeing a muscular, seductive hunk playing pool named David, the next time they meet it is almost love at first sight.

When he is introduced to Nicole's parents, who naturally live in a house guarded with high tech security systems and camera surveillance, along with a police officer watching over the mansion-like dorm, the vibes are at first too good to be true, then become quite bleak. After a few instances involving David and Nicole's friend Billy, Steve begins to suspect something more to David than meets the eye. And guess what? He's right. First he discovers that David has no family or apparent history, and then finds out his spent his childhood being shipped from orphanage to orphanage. After the emotional and physical battles begin Steve and David, and Nicole changes her mind about this hunk who she was quick to judge. David's obsession with Nicole leads to some extenuating--and even murderous--circumstances.

There is some character chemistry between the David and Nicole characters, and the way their relationship is presented, their circumstances are surprisingly believable. The problem with the characters: instead of witnessing the development of the character's relationship, we get scene after scene of David and Nicole sensuously making out and starring into each others eyes, never actually letting us become involved. And the scenes, which are supposed to be steamy and hot, are strained and fake looking.

The film is so desperate for tension, which is not supplied by the script, it even features a scene where Walhberg 1) pounds his chest so hard it gives him bruises in order to frame Nicole's father, 2) creates a homemade tattoo on his chest that reads "Nicole 4 ever," and 3) concludes with an ending without any motive that precedes in the script. None of these things have any dramatic purpose in the film. The scenes where David deforms his body only prove to us that he has an uncontrollable love for a girl that not hates him, but also we never feel anything in his young mind simply because of the lack of character development. So to make a long paragraph short, the film is all build up and hardly no payoff.

The filmmakers clearly desire to go for outright suspense and skip the terror. And under the circumstances, they do a pretty good job. The ending is kind of interesting, and Mark Walhberg does provide an evil eye to die for, too bad he can't get over his flamboyant self esteem--both in and out of character. There is even a disappointing false first act that tries to make us believe Nicole and David are over with. Give me a break. For once, why can't the girl be the psycho. Now that would be an original and engaging thriller.

Far Better Than I Expected It To BeReviewed byTheo RobertsonVote: 7/10

I had very low hopes for FEAR . I'd read the synopsis in the TV guide and the plot sounded like one of those psycho killer stalker from hell thrillers that were being churned out without any thought in the mid 1990s . Considering it starred singer Marky Mark , Reese Witherspoon and William Petersen who's a rival to Eric Roberts in the straight to video / cable TV movie stakes I didn't think this was going to be up to much

While not being a classic thriller FEAR certainly did hold my attention , probably because much of the characterisation is credible . All too often in this genre the actor or actress playing the villain really goes to town showing the audience what a bad ass they are thereby parodying the role . Mark Wahlberg as David is very restrained for the most part which makes David and credible character and his on screen chemistry with Reese Witherspoon's Nicole is believable , you can believe these two characters are genuinely in love with one another something that is all too rare in this type of movie

I should also point out that much of the movie revolves around the interaction of Petersen's Mr Walker who is concerned about his daughter's relationship with David . You can't blame the guy for wanting what's best for his offspring and it enhances the credibility of the story . It's refreshing to have a more thoughtful approach to this type of genre because if people start turning up dead after 15 minutes then things start to get silly , so the violence is kept to a minimum until almost at the end of the movie which does suffer something of a plot hole because no one seems to have a mobile telephone at readily hand and don't tell me professional people didn't have mobile phones in 1996 . Also watch out for references to STRAW DOGS , THE SHINING and NOSFERATU at the climax

Even if you're burned out on those 90s stalker from hell thrillers you could do worse than watch this on a wet Friday evening

Love hurts. Especially when it's Obsessive!Reviewed byDanny BlankenshipVote: 6/10

Over the years I've caught bits and pieces of this film many times on cable and even premium movie channels. Just finally I decided to sit down and watch it all and I must say overall "Fear" is a pretty decent mind thriller. It's theme fits well with teenage love obsession and the stalker crisis. And the cast here is well known it features some of the early work for most of them before they would go on to TV fame(Brenneman, Milano, and Petersen) and movie stardom(Wahlberg and Witherspoon). Set in Seattle, Washington a teenage girl the innocent and pretty Nicole(in one of Reese's earliest roles)lives with her father Steve(William Petersen)and stepmother Laura(Amy Brenneman)and Nicole has a good loving family life yet her parents are to overprotective and she starts to give into the pressure of her peers especially from her best friend the free spirited and sleazy Margo(the hot Alyssa Milano). It's upon their partying and club going that Nicole meets a young and innocent and nice talking young man named David(Mark Wahlberg). Yet appearances and personalities can be deceiving as after David seduces Nicole and she loses her innocence and develops a false trust surely enough David begins a violent obsession with her. Her family sees it and warns her, eventually this leads to drama all concluding with violence and a hostage situation with Nicole's family that was brought on by David and his thug friends. Yet in the end Nicole will grow to learn love is blind as she faces her fear. Pretty decent thriller of the stalker mode with some early performances from what would later be big stars in both TV and film. So give it a watch some late night on cable or premium TV.

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