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Hereditary (2018)

After the family matriarch passes away, a grieving family is haunted by tragic and disturbing occurrences, and begin to unravel dark secrets.

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  • Genre: Drama | Horror
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  • Run Time: 127
  • IMDB Rating: 3.0/10 
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The Synopsis for Hereditary (2018) 720p

When the matriarch of the Graham family passes away, her daughter's family begins to unravel cryptic and increasingly terrifying secrets about their ancestry.

The Director and Players for Hereditary (2018) 720p

[Director]Ari Aster
[Role:]Alex Wolff
[Role:]Toni Collette
[Role:]Gabriel Byrne
[Role:]Milly Shapiro

The Reviews for Hereditary (2018) 720p

Do Not Believe The Hype!Reviewed byjjoseph-68753Vote: 1/10

Do I live in the Twilight Zone or something? I'm completely baffled if this is what people consider:

"A modern day horror masterpiece." (USA Today)

The reviewers of this movie are either delusional, been paid off, or Ari Aster himself because there is absolutely NO POINT TO THIS MOVIE. No destination. A soulless automaton disguised as a profound mediation on:

"An unsettling look at the demons we have inherited from our parents." (Vanity Fair)

Wow, what a great one liner right? The things a talented filmmaker could've done with this simple seed of an idea, an idea that permeates, connects, and could've been a genre defining masterpiece but instead I was given:

Paper thin characters. A plot that had no trajectory. Laughable performances from the whole cast. Horror imagery that served no purpose other than, this looks scary! Style over substance.

Toni Colette, you've disappointed me dearly. Thought I was in for an Oscar Award Winning performance and what I was left with was a comedic rendition of what it truly means to be an artist. You talked about giving your soul into this character and all I saw was a performance with no intention.

This is the same company (A24) that released "It Comes At Night" and "The Witch," two other mediocre horror movies billed to be the scariest films of all time when they were released.

It was one of the worst experiences I had in a theater and in film in general. People were in uproarious fits of laughter throughout the 2 HOUR RUNTIME for what was supposed to be:

"Terrifying." (Indiewire) and "Bone-chilling" (The Hollywood Reporter)

Clearly Ari needs help with his storytelling skills. He has technical finesse, but technicality is nothing when compared to a story with nuance and insight, something that is emotionally compelling and moving. The movie had the depth of a puddle after a drizzle.

The trailer is probably the best part of this movie. Watch the trailer and save yourself the money.

P.S. I literally made an account TODAY to review this and I never post reviews. I'm a huge horror fan and thats how awful and disappointed I was at this movie. Never trusting review sites again.

A new horror classic, tense and terrifyingReviewed byDrew Ward (akwsixers10)Vote: 9/10

I rarely write reviews for films on here with the exception of two cases: when a movie is really bad or when a movie needs defending from a vocal minority that trash it. First, I'll review the film like I would any other and then I'm going to try and reason why audiences are reacting negatively to the film. I'm not sure if Hereditary is the greatest horror film ever but I certainly felt like I was watching my generation's Exorcist or Rosemary's Baby. The movie borrows heavily from those two films right down to the final scene. Despite this, it feels new and dangerous. I had no idea how the movie was going to play out which is a criticism I have with a lot modern horror/thriller movies. This in large part has to do with the marketing campaign but more on that later. I feel the term slow burn has a negative connotation associated with it and prefer to call this movie tense. It doesn't really on jump scares that plague a lot of modern horror and chooses tension and imagery to scare the audience with slow camera panning and fantastic cinematography, a nervous score, and great performances. Toni Collette gives and incredible performance as a manic mother who is mourning the loss of a parent. The supporting cast is fantastic as well and they all have a time to shine at some point in the movie. The movie is also challenging in its themes with relationships between parents and their children always in the forefront. The human drama of this movie far exceeded my expectations and is worthy viewing in its own right.

To try and explain why audiences are trashing the film through some mediums (not as much on IMDb, see CinemaScore, Rotten Tomatoes for example) I think it is important to understand that we live in an impatient culture. Many horror classics of the past like the two I mention earlier weren't fast paced and instead lingered on images and favored slow paced horror. I think the modern horror audience can get restless when presented with a movie like this. I don't think Rosemary's Baby or the Exorcist would review very well with broad audiences if they were released today. Secondly, I think the film has succeeded in making people uncomfortable by questioning parent's feelings for their children and how they are displayed. This movie is complex and has a lot to say. Comparing this film to another fantastic horror movie from this year, A Quiet Place, offers a great juxtaposition of this idea. One is very simple in it's premise that quickly gets to the scares while the other takes it's time to build to a climax that may or may not be worth the wait depending on the viewer. Overall, Hereditary offers plenty of horrific imagery and supernatural scares that work as a deeper examination of familial relationships rather than being a string a horror movie cliches.

9/10 - excellent

Truly terrifying and unconventional style of filmmakingReviewed bydemiurge1990Vote: 10/10

Horror isn't my regular genre, but decided to give this film a go. The storytelling and cinematography is just amazing, it's unexpected and unlike other tacky horror films truly delivers psychological horror effect, just like the classic cult films. There are some moments which are memorable and tormenting, exactly how should be in a true horror.

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