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Money Train (1995)

Money Train is a movie starring Wesley Snipes, Woody Harrelson, and Jennifer Lopez. A vengeful New York City transit cop decides to steal a trainload of subway fares. His foster brother, a fellow cop, tries to protect him.

IMDB: 5.65 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Comedy
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  • Run Time: 103
  • IMDB Rating: 5.6/10 
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The Synopsis for Money Train (1995) 720p

Two foster brothers work as transit cops. While one's life is as good as it gets, the other's is a pit. After losing his job, getting dumped by his brother, and getting the crap kicked out of him by a loan shark for the umpteenth time, He implements his plan to steal the "money train," a train carrying the New York Subway's weekly revenue. But when things go awry, will his brother be able to save him in time?

The Director and Players for Money Train (1995) 720p

[Director]Joseph Ruben
[Role:]Woody Harrelson
[Role:]Jennifer Lopez
[Role:]Wesley Snipes
[Role:]Robert Blake

The Reviews for Money Train (1995) 720p

This Film Had EverythingReviewed bywhpratt1Vote: 6/10

Enjoyed this film because of its location in NYC and the fact that transit cops were depicted. If you have to travel on the Transit System in NYC you will enjoyed this film even more, because it mentions all kinds of Subway Stops, and there is plenty of action down below. Wesley Snipes,(John),"7 Seconds",'05, plays a real cool cop who has become very close friends with his co-worker, Woody Harrelson,(Charlie),"North Country",'05 and manages to steal Charlie's girl friend, Jennifer Lopez,(Grace Santiago),"Monster-in-Law",'05. Grace and John burn up the bed sheets with hot torrid love scenes. Robert Blake,(Donald Patterson),"Lost Highway",'97, plays a great jerk who is in charge of a train, called the Money Train. Great acting, lots of comedy and more than plenty of action. Enjoy

What a huge waste of timeReviewed byTanu TuvaVote: 3/10

This is the kind of movie that makes you regret watching it, but holds on to you with the false promise that something worthwhile is going to happen eventually.

It was advertised as a heist movie. The heist takes place in the last 30 minutes. Prior to that, there is less than 5 minutes of discussion about the heist, and a lot of nothing about no less than four yawn-inducing subplots. The girl, the bad boss, the mob that wants to collect a debt, and the mugger they chase, and chase. With all the time wasted on those tangents there is very nearly nothing in the way of story development for what is supposed to be the main plot.

Granted the main characters need a motive and the mob provides it, but it shouldn't take literally two-thirds of the movie to establish a motive.

The insidious thing about it is that, when you have to wait so long for the plot to start, you have an incentive to sit through the long prelude only to be disappointed by the most ridiculous, and simply lame, heist in memory.

Skip this garbage. It's the product of some Hollywood hacks with no brains at all who don't have the sense to know when to send a script back for a re-write.

Very Average but still good .Reviewed byshadowman123Vote: 5/10

Money Train is one of those films that is NOT A MUST SEE , but it is worth a check out if it is on the TV or if you got nothing better to do on your Friday night then its worth a rent . In my opinion I found it a lot more enjoyable then White Men Can't Jump , its sort of like a down graded high speed version of Oceans 11 . The chemistry between Snipes and Harrelson is spot on and it works well for a third time . There is not much of a plot to the film just an average screw your average ass-hole boss movie which I like at this point and time because it reminds me of the relationship I have with my boss not to mention the slight money problems I'm having . Jennifer Lopez just bobs up now and then but in this case her screen presence is welcoming . I don't want to be fussy and pick out several little pieces and analyse them , this film was a simple time killing pop-corn movie that should viewed when you don't feel like watching something heavy or you'd rather check this out rather than Santa's Slay .


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